Despite the growing reliance on digital solutions for various services, the process of scheduling appointments with professionals or businesses remains inefficient and time-consuming. Traditional methods such as phone calls or in-person bookings often lead to long wait times, missed appointments, and overall dissatisfaction for both service providers and clients. Additionally, the lack of centralized platforms for appointment scheduling results in fragmented experiences and difficulty in managing schedules effectively.

Therefore, there is a pressing need for an intuitive and user-friendly online appointment booking app that streamlines the scheduling process for individuals and businesses alike. This app should provide a seamless experience for users to book appointments with various service providers, such as doctors, hairstylists, tutors, and more, while offering features like real-time availability, automated reminders, easy rescheduling options, and secure payment integration. By addressing these pain points, the aim is to enhance efficiency, convenience, and satisfaction in appointment scheduling for both service providers and clients.”

The existing booking management systems often lack user-friendly interfaces and fail to provide a seamless experience for businesses and clients alike. There’s a need for a modern solution that integrates scheduling, booking, and communication functionalities into a single platform to enhance efficiency and improve user satisfaction



As a seasoned product designer, I embarked on a product design journey to create a booking management product aimed at simplifying the process of scheduling appointments, managing bookings, and facilitating communication between service providers and their clients. The goal was to design an intuitive and efficient platform that would streamline the booking experience for both businesses and their customers.


  • Conducted extensive user research to understand the pain points and needs of service providers and clients.
  • Created user personas and empathy maps to gain insights into user behaviors, preferences, and pain points.


Saloon Owner

Chris own’s a medium sized saloon in New York. Which gets managed by her and two other staff members.

Problem: Customer appointment are managed by phone

Goal: Serve as many customer as possible and ensure the success and profitability of the salon business.


Saloon Staff

Sonia has started as a receptionist and worked her way up to become a skilled hairstylist.

Problem: Balancing the demands of a busy salon schedule while maintaining quality and attention to detail in her work.

Goal: Build a loyal client base and increase salon revenue through repeat business.



Emily is a busy professional working in marketing at a corporate firm. She values self-care.

Problem: Balancing the demands of a busy salon schedule while maintaining quality and attention to detail in her work.

Goal: Find a salon that offers high-quality services and book the service on the go.


Staff & Saloon Administrator

Alex has experience managing schedules, coordinating appointments, and handling customer inquiries.

Problem: Staying up-to-date with changes and updates to the app, as well as emerging trends and best practices in appointment booking and customer service.

Goal: Ensure smooth and efficient operation of the appointments.


  • Developed wireframes and prototypes to visualize the layout, flow, and functionality of the booking management product.
  • Iterated on design concepts based on feedback from usability testing and stakeholder input.


  • Implemented a user-friendly booking interface that allows clients to view availability, select services, and schedule appointments with ease.
  • Integrated calendar functionality for businesses to manage bookings, block off unavailable time slots, and set recurring appointments.

Client dashboard

Services page


Appointments calendar view

Appointment detail


  • Integrated messaging features to facilitate real-time communication between businesses and clients.
  • Provided notifications and reminders to keep users informed about upcoming appointments, changes, and cancellations.


  • Designed an intuitive admin dashboard for businesses to manage bookings, view analytics, and access customer information.
  • Included reporting tools to track key metrics such as booking rates, revenue, and customer satisfaction.


Search Services: Users can search for available appointment slots based on various parameters such as date, time, location, or service type. The search results dynamically update based on the user’s input.

Homepage: The homepage serves as the entry point for users. It includes options for logging in or signing up for new users. Additionally, it may feature highlights of the appointment booking system’s key features.

Select service

Pick a date & time


Account settings


The Booking Management Product design showcased my ability to create user-centered solutions that address complex challenges and deliver tangible value. Key outcomes include:

  • A visually appealing and intuitive interface that enhances the user experience for both businesses and clients.
  • Streamlined booking processes that reduce administrative overhead and improve efficiency.
  • Positive feedback from stakeholders and potential employers, demonstrating the effectiveness of the design in solving real-world problems.


The Booking Management Product design exemplifies my skills as a product designer in creating innovative solutions that meet user needs and business objectives. By focusing on usability, aesthetics, and functionality, I successfully developed a portfolio piece that highlights my expertise and capabilities in product design.