Pega Configure Price Quote (CPQ) for Communications makes it simple to configure, price, and quote digital proposals for the opportunity to order process. It allows CSPs to beat sales targets, move faster than the competition, and increase sales effectiveness. It supports multi-site subscription services, enables an omnichannel experience, and defines offers in an integrated product catalog.


  • To come up with a creative design which is achievable with product guidelines
  • To cut down the huge scope at initial stage to come-up better user experience
  • To design responsive UI which works in any device With limited information about competitors


  • To engage with Product Owner to define the scope of the project
  • Requirement gathering and requirement analysis
  • User research and define a persona for the proposed applications
  • White-board sessions, paper prototyping, wireframing and prototype development
  • Help development teams to convert the design to UI
  • Use case scenario creation and usability testing


Persona, Design patterns, wireframe, Visual design, Usability testing metrics

Persona Research and documentation

  • Conducting one-on-one interviews with a wide demographic of the targeted audience(s)
  • Conduct an analysis of the research data
  • Define the customer life-cycle and understand all of the corresponding touchpoints.

White-board, paper-prototypes & wireframes

I used whiteboarding sessions and paper prototypes to sketch out my ideas.

For designs used in concept testing and usability evaluation, I used adobe illustrator and marvel app to create high fidelity rapid prototypes.

I remotely operate within an agile UX environment with product owners and stakeholders between Hyderabad, Boston, and Amsterdam. Skype for business allowed us to collaborate on design work, modernizing our approach from traditional static reviews.

Usability Study and Recommendations

Watching users try to accomplish tasks on your application is the most effective and efficient way to uncover usability problems.


A comparision showing an extremely early screen concept of basic feature proposal, versus the final application mapped to design standards Fully agile method allowed us to discuss issues and queries with product owner, then rapid- ly alter designs in order to marry good functionality with available technology.