Digital transformation delivered to Medskillz

Medskillz education group provides hands-on and interactive medical education to healthcare professionals. The group comprises a team of acute care specialists who are keenly interested in high-quality teaching. They offer courses and workshops designed to enhance healthcare professionals’ knowledge and skills, focusing on practical, real-world applications.


Medskillz, having an ambitious goal to be the premier provider of hands-on interactive medical education, our experts with their team identified the need to:

  • Have a comprehensive and well-designed website to cater to a wide range of requests from their target audience
  • Have a portal to manage and administer the end-to-end course lifecycle, making the process seamless
  • A technology partner to manage the complete process with expertise and also to market the brand effectively to reach a broader audience.
Medskillz Sitemap
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After detailed workshops and joint collaborative sessions, our experts proposed the best solution that serves the need and helps Medskillz to achieve its intended goals. We have spanned our engagement into two parts, one with the core website and branding, followed by the course management portal.

We shared a proposed sitemap of the website, detailed user flows, and design variations. Based on the feedback, we have customized many aspects of the website to suit the user personas and also the branding guidelines to match the industry standards. 

End-user (Doctor’s) Website

Doctors email templates

On the other hand, with the course management portal, the following are the critical features we have developed:

  • A comprehensive admin dashboard that reports the multiple KPIs related to course enrolment, certificates delivered, adding new courses, managing registrations, sending communications to multiple stakeholders, etc.
  • Users logged in through the user gateway will be access every detail about the courses enrolled, course details, progress made, leave feedback about the course, and also be able to make fee payments easily
  • Other admin-level features include the ability to export the data in Excel files to further analyse the data, manage user-level permissions, send end-course certifications, and many more. 
Courses view for the admin
Create a Chapter for Admin


  • Empowered business growth with digital solutions
  • Increased enrolment rate with seamless course management portal
  • Improved customer satisfaction
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